Cuisinart food processors are very compact, slick and modern. They are great value for money and you have a lot of options in terms of color selection. Please check below to find out more about some most popular models.

Cuisinart ECH4U Mini Prep Pro Food Processor Review

The first thing we really like straight away is 5 year guarantee. Not many manufacturers are so confident in their product to provide so long protection. This is a mini food processor with 900ml bowl capacity but this is usually enough for small tasks in your kitchen. The mixer is very compact, modern and easy to store. Distinctive feature of this machine is that it has two way motor with blades which can chop, mince, puree, emulsify, grind and crush. Very practical for a small machine. Great value for money food processor with dishwasher safe parts.

Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro Food Processor Review

Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro Food Processor

  • 1.9L bowl + 0.7L bowl
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 350W
  • 5 year guarantee

If you are in love with Cuisinart machine and need bigger food processor this might be the choice for you. This food processor has 1.9L bowl which is good enough for a small / medium prep in your cooking. The machine also has 0.7L small bowl which is a great feature when you need to prepare smaller batch of food. Quality,  high grade, ultra sharp and stainless steel blades will cut through the ingredients with ease. You will also get a recipe book and 5 year guarantee. Compact, medium size machine for day to day tasks in your kitchen.

Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro Food Processor Review

Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro Food Processor

  • 3L bowl + 0.95L small bowl
  • Multi tasking
  • 550W

Looking for something more serious and bigger? This is one of the largest Cuisinart food processors for bigger day to day tasks in your kitchen. If you have a family and cook a lot, this mixer will help you with your prep in no time. Even though the engine is just 550W is powerful enough to cut through the toughest ingredients with ease. You can chop, mix, grate, dice, puree and much more. It has 2 bowls (3L and 0.95L) so you can prepare the food in smaller and larger batches when needed. Easy to clean machine with 3 speed options (pulse including). Highly recommended by many users.