Homeasy 350W Food Processor Review

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This is small food processor but very multi functional. You can chop, grind and mix. It will handle grinding meat quickly and efficiently. Powerful motor 350W, sharp blades and quite large bowl (2L) are perfect for bigger quantities.

You will love how simple this mixer is to use. It has: 2 speed options, large buttons at the top, quick assembling procedure and the mixer is easy to clean. The main feature of this machine is unique 4 stainless steel blades in 4D design which makes the chopping perfect and quick.

Homeasy 500W Food Processor Review

Homeasy 500W Food Processor

  • 500W
  • 2.5L stainless steel bowl
  • 4 sharp blades

If you really like Homeasy machines but looking for something bigger this could be a good choice for you. This food processor has more powerful motor (500W) and bigger bowl (2.5L). It is perfect for larger quantities.

It features 4 stainless steel blades with 2 modes to choose from. It is very multi functional, you can: chop, grind or mix. Perfect for onions, meat, harm, garlic, herbs, veggies and nuts. We love its user friendly modern design and top quality built. For the mini food processor it has powerful motor and large bowl.

Homeasy 300W Food Processor Review

Homeasy 300W Food Processor

  • 300W
  • 600ml stainless steel bowl
  • 4 sharp blades

If you are looking for something smaller this could be a perfect product. This food processor made by Homeasy is still made from same top quality materials and uses same technology as other mixers. It features 4 stainless steel blades and powerful enough 300W motor. On the other hand it is very compact and doesn’t take much space in your kitchen. We love the simplicity and quality. There is a one-touch control button which will give you full control when you chop, mix or grind.

Homeasy Manual Food Processor Review

Homeasy Manual Food Processor

  • Manual power from pull cord
  • 500ml stainless steel bowl
  • All purpose

This is Homeasy manual food processor with 500ml container. It is super eco-friendly. There is no electric power motor. The blades rotate as you pull the cord. You would be surprised how many things you can do with this little machine. You can still chop, grind, mix or slice as you would normally in electric food processor. It is great little helper in your kitchen when you need something done quickly.