Philips is well known brand when it comes to electric and digital equipment. They may not be very popular in food processors market but it is worth checking out. Some of the models are top quality with great users feedback.

Philips Viva Veggie Multifunctional Food Processor

Philips Viva Veggie Multifunctional Food Processor

  • 800W
  • All in one: knead, whisk, shred, slice, juice and more
  • Compact design
  • High quality

Philips Viva Collection Food Processor is designed to help you prepare complex meals from toughest ingredients. Powerful motor and great multi tasking attachments will help you achieve that. You get 29 different functions from 6 accessories. You can chop, knead, whisk, shred, slice, blend and much more.

The mixer is equipped with powerful enough motor (800W) which can handle even toughest ingredients such as bread dough, hard vegetables, cheese or chocolate.

PowerChop system will allow you to provide great results when chopping soft and hard ingredients. It is also great for making purees and preparing ingredients for cakes. We love how the food processor is made and how compact it is. It doesn’t take a lot of space when stored. 29 functions from this machine is impressive.