Food processors have become an invaluable tool in many kitchens across the UK, so when you want to invest in a brand-new one, you want to know that you will be buying a quality model and be getting great value for your money.

When buying a new food processor it is important to know that they are very different to a kitchen blender, so don’t get the two mixed up when you are choosing a processor to handle all the dicing, chopping, grating, slicing, kneading and whipping actions you need.

To put it simply, blenders are used to break down foods into a liquid, so while they are great for making smoothies, milkshakes, purees and smooth soups, they are not built for keeping your food in a solid form.

Let’s take a look at our favourite food processors currently available on the market that deliver great service, durability and have enough accessories to meet your needs.

Cuisinart Expert Prep Pro FP1300U

Currently priced at around £230 this food processor offers great value for a model that is priced under £300. Considered to be a good all-rounder in consumer tests, it comes with two different-sized bowls, an adjustable slicing disc and dicing attachment, which are all dishwasher safe.

Key specifications:

  • Capacity: 3 litres
  • Included attachments: 0.95L bowl, 3L bowl, small chopping/mixing blade, large chopping/mixing blade, dough blade, adjustable slicing disc, grating disc, dicing kit with a cleaning tool, a spiralizing kit for spaghetti or ribbons, storage case
  • Power levels: 2
  • Pulse function: Yes
  • Size: 40(H) x 20(W) x 25(D) cm
  • Suction-cup feet: Yes
Cuisinart Style Collection Expert Prep Pro | 2 Bowl Food Processor With 3L Capacity |...

  • 0.95L and 3L bowl
  • small chopping blade, large chopping blade, dough blade, variable 6 position slicing blade,
  • fine/medium grating disc, dicing kit, spiralizing kit, storage box
  • 550W Power
  • 5 year guarantee

Sage SFP820BAL The Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice

This Sage model comes in at a lot more money at around £879.95 but this is an incredibly powerful food processor that scored high across all testing categories for slicing, puréeing and emulsifying tests, as well as in other testing categories.

The enormous 3.7-litre capacity means that it can handle tougher ingredients like bread dough and beef with great ease. It also comes with a peeling attachment that makes peeling potatoes a breeze! The only downside is the processor only has a single power level.

Key specifications:

  • Capacity: 3.7 litres
  • Included attachments: 12mm dicing kit, peeling disc, micro-serrated S-blade, reversible shredding disc, variable slicing disc, julienne disc
  • Power levels: 1
  • Pulse function: Yes
  • Size(cm): 28.2 x 22.6 x 45.6 cm
  • Suction-cup feet: Yes

Gastroback Design Food Processor Advanced

A make that you may not have heard a lot about is the Gastroback brand. This particular model is an amazing workhorse of a model and is a German-engineered food processor that was designed to handle large quantities of food, so is ideal for feeding the family.

Priced around £300 this is best at tackling big quantities of heavy ingredients. It has a two-tier chopping blade and a large processing chute that can easily handle large chunks of meat, onions, nuts, and for feeding in vegetables. Weighing in at 9kg, it’s a substantial piece of kit that has been built to last.

Key specifications:

  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Included attachments: Special slicing blade with adjustable cutting thickness, shredding disc, grating and shaving disc, julienne disc, universal S-blade, lid, food pusher and internal pusher with measuring function, food collector, spatula
  • Power levels: 1
  • Pulse function: Yes
  • Size(cm): 44.5(H) x 32.5(W) x 29.5(D)
  • Suction-cup feet: No