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Kenwood Multipro Compact+ FDM312 SS
Kenwood Multipro Compact+ FDM312 SS

  • 2.1 L Capacity
  • 2 x Blend-Xtract 2GO
  • 800W power


Whether you are Slicing, Chopping, Shredding, Liquidising or making Cake Mixture you will find that the time spent in the kitchen doing all these kinds of food preparation using the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor will be greatly reduced. So whether you have a family or are a professional person, the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor is the ideal kitchen appliance.

  • Functions: 28 Bowl Capacity : 3.0L Bowl Material: Plastic
  • Capacity Bowl – Dry : 1.5Kg Capacity – Blender : 1.5L Capacity – Bowl Liquid : 1.5L Body Material : Plastic
  • Coarse Shred/Slice Disc White color Disc Storage Dishwasher Safe Fine Shred/Slice Disc
  • Full Safety Interlocks Stainless Steel Blades Wattage: 900W (1000 Watt max) Cord Storage
  • Dough Tool Maxi Blend Canopy Mill Mini Bowl Non Slip Feet Recipe Book Spatula Whisk Twin Geared Speeds: Variable + Pulse
  • Unique patented Dual Drive system with a powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Variable speed plus pulse
  • Generous 3.0L bowl capacity
  • Calibrated 1.5L liquidizer
  • Detachable blades for ease of cleaning

What Customers Are Saying

The Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor has been described by some customers as Outstanding and Incredible. Very few people were not satisfied with the product. Some of these reviews advised that they had previously owned Kenwood Food Processors and they found the quality different. Overall the reviews for the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor say that this appliance is an asset to any kitchen to help aid the preparation of food.

A lot of reviews say that the machine is light weight, looks nice left out on the worktop, is easy to use and clean afterwards. This makes preparing food a more enjoyable experience.

Because the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor has many attachments it can be used for many different types of food preparation and with the detachable parts it makes cleaning this appliance very easy. No one likes to use an appliance where it takes more time to get out, put together and is hard to clean.

A couple of reviews mentioned that some parts of the appliance are flimsy and that they had a problem with the center spindle. When customers services were contacted, these customers were sent replacement parts. This enabled them to carry on using their appliance. Others said that they have had difficulty getting the machine to work. The main reason for this is that either the mixing bowl or the cover lid for the bowl had not been clicked into place correctly. Ensure that you have heard the locking clicks to know that you have put it together correctly.

Many people have expressed that the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor is great value for money especially with all the extra attachments, so you are able to slice, chop, blend, mix and liquidise. So as well as slicing and dicing you could also make soups, smoothies and milkshakes. All these functions from one appliance.

Included with the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor is a cookbook to help you get started for making basic things like batter, dough and cake mixture.


  • 3.0L Mixing Bowl
  • Easy to Clean
  • Multi Purpose Appliance
  • Variable Speeds


  • Not excessively loud, but some reviewers expected it to be quieter
  • flex cord could be longer

Recommendations & Review Summary

Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor is an asset in any kitchen. Value for money, highly recommended. Easy to use, easy to clean. One appliance, many functions. Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor an ideal kitchen appliance for families and professionals which can be used for many different types of food preparation.

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