Decen is not very well known food processor manufacturer. However, it is highly recommended by other users and you can find great sale offers from this producer.

Decen 1100W Multifunctional Food Processor Review

  • 11 functions
  • 1100W
  • 3.5L bowl and 1.8L blender

The most distinguish feature of this food processor is its multi functionality. The possibilities are almost endless. Some of the main functions include: mixer, blender, chopper, mincer, puree maker, slicer, shredder, whisker and kneader. There are 3 slicing / shredding discs, steel blade, dough blade and bowl scraper. With this machine in your kitchen you would not have to buy any other appliances. It does almost everything you could imagine.

The food processor comes with one of the most powerful motor: 1100W. This power will ensure that the blades cut through the toughest ingredients in seconds. It comes with generous 3.5L container and 1.8L blender, ideal for any tasks even for bigger portions.

The machine provides 4 anti slip feet fittings to ensure extra stability when the food processor is on duty. You will also find safety lock to make sure the mixer is properly assembled. With such a great power comes responsibility so safety is a priority. All the parts of this food processor are BPA free. Attachments are dishawasher safe.

Topchef 1100W Multifunctional Food Processor
Topchef 1100W Multifunctional Food Processor
Mixer, Crusher, Grinder, Citrus Juicer, Kneading Dough Blades with 3.2 L Bowl, 1.5 L Mixing Cup Black

Decen 500W Food Processor Review

  • Multipurpose
  • 500W
  • 2L bowl
  • Safety features

If you are looking for more compact and smaller food processor made by Decen than this might be good offer for you. This model is much cheaper but still provides a lot of functions you would expect from a decent food processor. The mixer comes with 2L BPA free bowl and 4 press speed buttons: Off, Low speed, High speed and pulse option.

Even though it is cheaper option and more compact it still provides great functionality which is: 2 feed tubes, 2 pushers, 1 reversible disc, 1 steel blade, 1 plastic blade. Decen takes the safety very seriously therefore the food processor won’t work unless properly setup. There are 3 safe node settings. The body, the bowl and the lid need to be securely locked before the machine can start working. All the attachments are dishwasher safe and BPA free.