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Great alternative food processor

Kenwood Multi-Pro Excel Food Processor
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: 1300W motor with unique patented Tri-Drive system for optimum performance and effortless results. Powerful and agile with variable speed and functions for the ultimate control
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: Extra large 4L Triton bowl with a 2L working capacity for ultimate durability whilst processing high work loads for all your favourite dishes
  • WEIGHING SCALES: Add ingredients directly into the bowl using the built in weighing scales with illuminated digital display for bread and pastry mixes
  • THERMO-RESIST GLASS: The 1.6L heat resistant ultra tough thermo-resist glass blender to blend hot and frozen recipes with ease
  • ATTACHMENTS: Big tube to handle larger ingredients and reduce prep time and a variety of attachments including a patented folding tool and a dual whisk for egg whites and creams

Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 General Info

Our full customer review on the Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 Food Processor.  For a way to chop, mix, puree, and cut even the most difficult foods, the Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 Food Processor can handle all of your needs no matter how hard it may have been by hand. With various attachments necessary for cutting certain foods and a 3.0 litre bowl capacity and multiple speed settings, you will have no problem preparing meals in advanced or creating a meal for the entire family.

Make dinner and the clean up process simple again using only one tool in your kitchen, the Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 Food Processor.

We found the best reviews for this product at and with a 4 star rating this is sure to be a good product.

Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 Food Processor Features

  • Family-sized food processor with space-saving design
  • Includes attachments such as liquidizer and mill
  • 3.0 L bowl capacity and 1.5 L liquidizer
  • 1 kW motor with variable speeds

The Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 Food Processor Reviews

With an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, reviewers were more than satisfied with the Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 food processor.

  • Reviewers loved the versatility of this food processor; many reviewers saying that it was a must have tool for every meal to mix and prepare just about every dish.
  • When asked which attachment was the favorite, users couldn’t agree on just one, as it was a preference to the consumer and to what each individual cooked on a regular basis in his or her kitchen.
  • There was one thing each reviewer had in common and that was the fact that they all agreed that it made cooking all meals easier to do.
  • With a few minutes of extra time and the materials needed reviewers could also prepare the next nights meals before they had finished the meal they were currently cooking.
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Even with all the versatility options available with the Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 food processor there were still a few issues with the product. While reviewers loved the accessories that were made available with this model, some were useless or unnecessary to many. This is also a personal preference and depends on the consumer.

  • Another big concern for reviewers of the FP730 food processor was that the bowls and jugs were made of plastic instead of glass.
  • Reviewers were concerned that after repetitive use, which these often receive, the plastic would crack or break and be useless.
  • The fact that the bowls and jugs were made out of glass instead of plastic didn’t seem to diminish review ratings at all, but were listed as something for the Kenwood company to consider when making the next model or version.

If you are looking for a top of the line food processor that can handle just about anything thrown in it, then the Kenwood Multi Pro FP 730 food processor is a must have for your kitchen.

This food processor is made to handle large loads and has the ability to mix, puree, chop, blend and so much more. This Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 food processor could easily be used in not only a home kitchen, but easily in a church, child care facility or school as well.


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