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Alternative quality food processor

Kenwood Multipro Compact+ FDM312 SS
Kenwood Multipro Compact+ FDM312 SS

2.1 L Capacity
2 x Blend-Xtract 2GO
800W power

Our Review

With the Kenwood FP920 3 Litre Multi Pro Food Processor, you will love cooking again. Kenwood makes life simple, featuring an item that tackles more than one project you may have going on in your kitchen with endless attachments that can tackle any task.  Chop herbs, bread crumbs and nuts with one attachment and with just a quick switch make a soup for dinner or milkshake for dessert.

Kenwood also takes the guessing work out of storage for your attachments; featuring a storage system that will easily house all of your attachments in a central location and in a neat manner.


  • Powerful 1000 W motor
  • Brushed metal body
  • 3 Litre bowl capacity and 1.5 Litre glass liquidizer
  • Variable speed control
  • ‘Kenstore’ on-board storage system

Users Reviews

  • Users loved the Kenwood FP920 3 Litre Multi Pro Food Processor and were blown away by the amount of items they could prepare in their kitchen while only using one item.
  • For those that like to cook often, the attachments were useful and were used more than they were stored.
  • Reviewers loved the fact that they could buy fresh herbs, vegetables and other food items and quickly prepare them without the hassle of cutting or crushing by hand.
  • Reviewers also said that not only did the unit look stylish on their counter tops thanks to the brushed metal body, but also felt and handled like it was a well made food processor and could handle even tough mixing jobs.
  • The adjustable speed settings also allowed reviewers to cut anything and everything just the way it was needed, unlike some processors that have only one setting and only cut one way.

Although there were many great reviews for the Kenwood FP920 and an overall user rating of 4.2 out 5 stars didn’t mean there weren’t some problems or issues reviewers wanted to address.

The biggest issue complained about was because of the locking mechanism from the bowl to the base. Several customers thought this was a defect until they realized there bowl wasn’t correctly placed in the bowl.

Once the bowl was attached correctly there food processor started immediately. This was tricky to figure out, but many reviewers admitted that they would have saved time and energy if the instructions were read prior to use. Although this was a complaint it didn’t diminish ratings.

Another minor complaint was for the Julienne disc attachment. Several reviewers were disappointed because although the disc did cut well, the French fries it cut were extremely small. Other reviewers said that the juicer attachment wasn’t necessary and it was never used in their household.

The attachment issue is a matter of personal opinion, as they all work well and do what is said in the manual.


If you are looking for a food processor that can handle all of your food preparing needs without cluttering a counter top or cooking space, then the Kenwood FP 920 3 Litre Multi Pro Food Processor is a must have.

Prepare meals quickly and mess free; leaving you more time to enjoy what you love most, not cleaning the kitchen.  So we would give the Kenwood FP920 3 Litre Multi Pro Food Processor a score of 8 out of 10.

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