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Great alternative food processor

Kenwood Multipro Compact+ FDM312 SS
Kenwood Multipro Compact+ FDM312 SS

2.1 L Capacity
2 x Blend-Xtract 2GO
800W power

General Info

Our full customer review of the Kenwood FP580 2-Speed Food Processor.  The Kenwood FP580 2-Speed Food Processor offers more than just functionality when it comes to preparing food, but also when featured on your counter space. With this food processor you’ll take up less space on a countertop, up to 37 percent less space, than a traditional food processor.  Add attachments to the already small compact base and this will no doubt be the best accessory on your counter top.

Chop, slice, shred and whisk your way to a wonderful meal no matter what time of day. Clean up quickly since the Kenwood FP580 and all attachments are dish washer safe.


  • Compact design with medium/high speed outlet
  • 500 W motor
  • 2.9 Litre capacity bowl
  • 1.5 L liquidiser
  • 2 speeds plus pulse option

Users Reviews

With an overall user rating of 4.0 out 5 stars, reviewers were very impressed with the amount of bang they got with their buck after using this food processor.

  • The biggest praise to the FP580 was the ease of use from switching attachments, to cleaning up reviewers were happy.
  • The amount of attachments that come with the Kenwood FP580 had reviewers trying to make things they wouldn’t have usually due to the fact that one tool was all they needed.
  • Reviewers were also impressed with how easy it was to attach or remove an attachment.
  • Attachments on the FP580 easily attach or remove from the base using a simple clip on or clip off method, which makes changing to a different attachment take less than 10 seconds.
  • Because assembly and disassembly was so quick reviewers liked that clean up was simple and quick.

Even though there are so many nice things to say about the Kenwood FP580 2-speed Food Processor, there were also a couple of negative comments reviewers had about the product.

The biggest con was that the food processor came with too many attachments, which the normal person would never use. Another complaint was about the attachment being made of plastic and reviewers wished they were made something durable, such as glass.

Reviewers were afraid after frequent use the plastic would crack or break. There were also a few complaints issued toward the bread attachment for knead bread.

One reviewer bought the Kenwood FP580 specifically for this due to an injury and said it didn’t work as well as expected.

This reviewer in particular said that the dough seemed to over work the food processor motor and give off a burning smell, the dough would also be all over the place and very messy.  Please click here to read more reviews on the Kenwood FP580.


All in all the Kenwood FP580 2-speed food processor works well and can handle difficult meals or snacks quickly without the need for many tools. This food processor, however; may not be the best choice for those that don’t cook big meals regularly or have a small kitchen; these just need a basic food processor.

With the attachments that come with this food processor you may have to make more room for it than other tools in your kitchen.  But we think that this Kenwood FP580 food processor represents great value for money.

Spare parts

Kenwood provides a lot of accessories and replacement parts to its food processors. Before you buy a new product try to find a replacement for the parts which has broken down. Click below to find spare parts for Kenwood FP580.

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