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Alternative food processor option

Ninja Professional Chopper
Ninja Professional Chopper
  • Simple pulse action to Chop, Mince and Puree with precision and ease.
  • Unique Ninja blades for perfect consistency
  • Includes 2 stackable containers with lids, perfect for storage in the fridge or cupboards.
  • Serve, seal and store in the same container

Our Review

This is our review of the Duronic CH260 Compact White Multi Chopper and Food Processor. For smaller kitchens with limited kitchen space, or for individuals that wish to have a chopper that isn’t complicated, the Duronic CH260 Multi Chopper is a choice that will finely chop your vegetables, mix a milkshake or prepare a soup mixture. This isn’t a complicated machine, so simple you won’t need to read the directions, just simply pop the lid on and press down.

The longer you hold the lid down, the longer it will chop the food until it is the consistency needed to accompany the meal you are preparing. No ridiculous attachments, just a food processor with the power to cut through many kitchen foods.

The Duronic CH260 Features

  • Compact Multi Chop
  • 260W Power
  • Milk Shake Blending Attachment
  • 500ml Bowl
  • Rubber Base
  • Turbo Button

Customer Reviews

The overall review rating for the Duronic CH260 Compact Multi Chopper received a 4.4 out of 5 stars, but reviewers seem to be a little torn about how well this product actually works. Aside from this, reviewers love the ease of use.

  • There are no buttons to memorize or fiddle with, just place the ingredients inside, pop the lid on and mash down as long as needed to mix just right.
  • Reviewers also liked the fact that the bowl or lid was larger than other mini-choppers; allowing for slightly larger quantities of food.
  • Many reviewers purchased the Duronic multi chopper to make homemade baby food and reviewers said that there is nothing simpler to use for this purpose.
  • Reviewers say it works excellently, but it depends on what your intended use or purpose is for it.
  • To read more negative reviews click here.

Although many reviewers were extremely happy with their purchase, many reviewers were more than disappointed.

The biggest and only complaint for the Duronic CH260 compact multi chopper was that it only mixed or chopped food into a ground or mashed texture.

Reviewers said that mixing less or mixing more had no effect as to what the foods were chopped into and for many, the Duronic CH260, was up for the job that many reviewers had for it.

The CH260 however is perfect for making pureed foods for babies or seniors that may not be able to chew foods. Another minor complaint about the Duronic CH260 was that although the advertisement says it makes the perfect milkshake it is a little misleading.

Many reviewers who attempted to make milkshakes were left with a mess and didn’t get to try the milkshake because it was on the walls and counter instead of staying in the container.  To read more positive reviews click here.

The Duronic CH260 Compact Multi Chopper is probably an excellent chopper if it is used for pureed foods or soups only.

Review Summary

Families with babies and seniors who can’t eat solid foods will find this useful, but there isn’t much else the Duronic can do. Not recommended for those wishing to purchase full fledge food processor, this will be a big disappointment.Consider what you need a food processor or multi-chopper for and this may make your decision for or against the Duronic CH260 model easier.

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