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General Info

This is my review on the Kenwood Multi Pro FP735 3 Litre Food Processor.  For a food processor that can take the place of multiple tools in the kitchen and also keep a cluttered counter top mess free, the Kenwood Multi Pro FP730 Food Processor is a good choice. The base of this food processor is almost 30 percent smaller than others and all attachments – attach to the same base unit, so changing an attachment or doing something different is a snap.

There are different speed options available, allowing you to always chop or blend your food the way you want it. With the added attachments you can also shred vegetables and cheese, knead bread and whisk eggs and baked goods.


  • Family-sized food processor with space-saving design
  • Includes a range of attachments
  • Generous 3.0 L bowl capacity and 1.5 L liquidizer
  • Powerful motor with variable speeds plus pulse

Our Review

The overall user rating for the Kenwood Multi Pro FP735 was 4.1 out of 5 stars and users were happy overall with their choice of product. The biggest praise was because of the versatility this food processor was capable of. Reviewers said that there was hardly a night that went by when they weren’t using this to prepare something for dinner.

Reviewers can mix anything from spices to cakes batter, cut vegetables as well as many other things. Reviewers also loved the attachments that were readily available and made certain tasks in the kitchen much easier to accomplish. Reviewers also loved that the Kenwood Multi Pro FP735 was easy to clean and could easily be rinsed out or placed into the dishwasher.

There were a couple of complaints from reviewers about the Kenwood Multi Pro food processor, and although the rating may have reflected that, it wasn’t because of serious issues, but because of design flaws.

Reviewers didn’t like the fact that the mixing bowls that attached to the base were made of plastic and wished they were made of a more durable material, such as glass. Reviewers also said that the storage unit is pretty much useless.

  • Although most items store well in the unit, some still didn’t fit and needed to be placed in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Most reviewers just did away with the storage unit all together and placed the parts in a small cabinet or drawer in the kitchen. Reviewers also complained of the spindle falling off of the unit.
  • Several had issues with the spindle hitting the floor when the bowl was removed from the base. Reviewers said while this isn’t a huge problem it can be when it hits your foot instead of the floor.

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For those that process many foods or have a large family, the Kenwood Multi Pro FP735 3 Litre Food Processor is a great choice to handle a lot of your food preparation or cooking needs.

Not only can you easily prepare a meal in this food processor in several minutes, but if given extra time and enough materials, could easily prepare your lunches and dinners for the entire week if needed.  So we would give the Kenwood Multi Pro FP735 a strong 8 ot of 10 score.

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