General Info

This home Kenwood MultiPro FDP643WH Food Processor has powerful motor (1000W) optimal for the most demanding tasks. Large bowl capacity (3L) makes it perfect product even for large families. 2 speed options and pulse function are also available in this food processor. Kenwood food processors are well known for variety of attachments which can greatly expand possibilities of this machine. This product is well made and provides good value for money. Similar food processors from other brands are usually more expensive.

There are different set versions available online so make sure you get the one you are hoping for. Some food processors are on sale with extra attachments. Make sure to check it out and see if they are worth buying separately if you ever need them.


  • 1000W power motor
  • 3L bowl and 2L jug
  • Multi tasking: chopping, slicing, pureeing, mixing, kneading, shredding
  • 3 speed options: high, low, pulse

Our Review

In our opinion this is one of the best machines in this price range. It is simple but very useful and practical. Benefits of having Kenwood mixers are that there are many attachments and replacement parts available. They are also cheap to buy. If it is important to you the only downside could be design of this product. It is available only in one “boring” colour and may look like the other, older food mixers. Kenwood has been on the market since 1947. They are experts in this field. Some users complained about quality and attention to detail so if you are looking high end mixer you may need to consider more expensive models.

Pros & Cons

  • Value for money
  • Great choice of attachments
  • Large 3L bowl
  • Powerful motor 1000W
  • One colour option (white)
  • Missing box to store all attachments
  • Only 1 year guarantee

Users Reviews

  • Bargain for the quality. I used it a lot for different tasks from chopping vegetables, making smoothies and hummus.
  • Quality product! Light, durable and very easy to assemble. Many possibilities with good amount of attachments in hand.
  • Make sure which attachments are included. The prices may vary depending on the set included.
  • Some bits are falling through to the bowl and are not grated and stay on top. The mini bowl goes inside the larger which makes some pieces flying inside the larger bowl which needs to be clean up.
  • I wish there was a thicker blade available.
  • It would be great if there was a box for all the parts and attachments
  • I had a previous model of similar Kenwood chopper and replaced it with Kenwood MultiPro FDP643WH Food Processor. I am not disappointed. It works well and the machine seams to be very sturdy and reliable.

FAQs – What people asked before buying?

Question: Is there a blade for chopping/slicing raw steak?
Answer: It does have chopping blades but they are mainly for veggies. It isn’t recommended for dense meat.

Question: Does the machine grate cabbage well? For example for coleslaw?
Answer: Yes, it does the job.

Question: Can the food processor be washed in dishwasher?
Answer: Only attachments and parts.

Question: Is there a dough hook?
Answer: It isn’t included as standard please check the set details and product description.

Question: Is there a guarantee?
Answer: Yes, 1 year.


  • 1000W power motor
  • 3L bowl and 2L jug
  • Multi tasking: chopping, slicing, pureeing, mixing, kneading, shredding
  • 3 speed options: high, low, pulse

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