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For those with small countertops or for those that don’t process large quantities of food the Kenwood FP120 compact food processor can handle your chopping needs without taking up so much space. The Kenwood FP120 is also simple to use, featuring only one speed; allowing even a beginner to know what they are doing.

The Kenwood FP120 also has safety features, such as a locking base and rubber feet and is dishwasher safe and features stainless steel blades making cleanup easier. There is also a cord storage feature, so you no longer have to worry about your electronics cords tangling around one another.


  • 1.4L bowl
  • 400W motor
  • 1-speed
  • Full safety interlock
  • Rubberised feet for added stability

Users Reviews

With average reviews of 4.3 out 5 stars, users and reviewers were extremely happy with their product choice. The Kenwood FP120 compact food processor work as expected. There weren’t any WOW factors with this model as it is a base line product; pretty much what you see is what you get.

  • Reviewers did not feel that this diminished their review rating, many saying that the simplicity is what made this such a nice option.
  • It was less expensive that other models and featured just enough to get you by.
  • Reviewers liked that the food processor was small enough to keep a counter from looking cluttered and was also very light weight.
  • The bowl and base are very easy to clean and the bowl is dishwasher safe.
  • The attachments that come with the model also work well, but make limited quantitites due to the size of the bowl on the food processor.
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There weren’t many complaints from reviewers who purchased the Kenwood FP120 compact food processor and those that did couldn’t find much wrong. The biggest complaint was that reviewers wished there was a speed option for just a little more control. Although most reviewers who purchased this didn’t want a lot of extras, two speeds would have made a lot of difference without taking away from the simplicity of the model. Another minor complaint was over a safety feature. The lid locks on the bowl before it will start to blend or chop items, but after continued use the lid will start to slide off when on; making the processor shut off. Not a major complaint to most, but still an issue that should be addressed. Either the lid should lock on differently or shouldn’t lock at all.  Read more reviews click here.

Review Summary

For those looking for a food processor that is simple to use and doesn’t offer a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles, then the Kenwood Compact FP120 1.4 Litre Food Processor is for you. For those with larger families or looking for a food processor that can do more, consider another make or model.

The FP120 food processor is strictly limited on how much it can make and what it can handle. This is a bottom of the barrel model, as far as features are concerned and isn’t the best choice for those that will be using this everyday or for family sizes of more than two individuals.  But if your just after a basic model then the The Kenwood FP120 Compact Food Processor is the perfect tool.

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