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Andrew James Hand Blender 3 in 1
Set Electric with Whisk & Chopper Plus Bowl & Beaker | 5 Speed Plus Turbo | Great for Soup & Baby Food | 1000W | Black & Stainless Steel

Andrew James food processors are very popular even though the number of models is limited. They are high quality and easy to use products. Andrew James invested more time into how the products look like. Their design is modern and slick.

Our users notified us that they are struggling to get replacement parts for their food processors. That’s something to note about when you are buying a new food processor. Limited number of parts could mean that when something goes wrong or your product fails you may end up buying another food processor again.

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Why you should buy Andrew James food processors?

Andrew James has become known as a cost-effective name in kitchen gadgets and this includes food processors, which are very handy multi-tasking machines that we come to rely on in the kitchen.

Although the Andrew James brand tends to undercut some of the more well-established names on the market, their range isn’t exactly the poor-man’s option to take. Their machines tend to be very well built and when looked after, can deliver many years of good service.

Price isn’t everything, so even though some of the more expensive food-processors may not have the extra features you may want, you may be able to get everything you need for the same price by buying an Andrew James food-processor.

Multi-tasking, cost-effective machines

During testing, the Andrew James food processors stood up really well! It can tackle just about every task thrown at it and looks good while doing it!

These models come with a range of detachable tools to help you make everything from soups and purees to chips and sliced veg for pretty salads. The button functions are easy to understand and use and the solid base sits securely in place while in use.

The machines come with a two litre food processing bowl, so it can hold a very reasonable amount of food at any one time. The lid has a safety locking system that ensures the machine won’t process without everything being in place.

So, if you are looking for a food-processor that rivals the more expensive makes, but comes in lower on budget, Andrew James food processor is among one of the best you can buy.

Andrew James negatives

The one negative thing that the testers found was how loud the machine was. It does register as louder than most comparable food-processors in the same category.

While it is quite a compact machine that doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen worktop, there isn’t a neat way to store away all of the attachments. While some of the tools can sit inside the processor bowl when not in use, not all of the attachments will fit so you will need to keep a bit of drawer or cupboard space free for their safe storage.

Andrew James positives

Food processor is ideal if you want a more cost-effective processor that delivers brilliant performance. It had no problem slicing, chopping, kneading, whisking and blending its way through all the ingredients put through it with very little waste!

It is quite a compact size for the type of food-processor it is, which means it is a good choice for those with smaller kitchens where worktops space is limited. If you don’t want to leave it out on display while not in use, it won’t take up too much cupboard space and isn’t too uncomfortably heavy or bulky to lift in and out of a cupboard.

The food-processor also comes with a blender jug alongside the processing bowl, so it’s handy for blending soups, smoothies and drinks.

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